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He also regularly publishes fiction and essays in Urdu, his mother tongue. His most recent book of stories, 37Bridges, was published in India by HarperCollins earlier this year.. Allegra guez.

In this month’s episode we look at science fiction from all over the world. We’ll start with the Hugo awards, the Oscars of sciencefiction, where a group calling themselves the Rabid Puppies is trying to take over the ceremony to protest diversity in science fiction which they seeas destroying the genre. To prove them wrong, we’ll look at fantastic works from America, Russia, Cuba, and Nigeria that tell stories aboutdreaming robots, alien plagues, time travel, monstrous sea creatures, and the perils of extra terrestrial communication. This is the Asymptotepodcast..

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The fiction of Alessandro Spina (1927-2013), another well-kept Italian secret, has, however, appeared in a fine translation, The Confines of theShadow (Blaft), this year. I’ve been looking forward to reading Spina since my friend, the poet and translator Andre Naffis-Sahely, enthused about hisLibyan sequence of novels in the courtyard of the British Museum just over two years ago. Now, in a volume that includes two novels and a story, inwhich the lives of Levantines (Benghazi-born, Spina himself was of Maronite origin) intertwine with those of Italian colonisers and marginalisedlocals in 20th century Libya, this multi-part oeuvre becomes available to Anglophone readers.. Allegra guez acquistare .

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In the early 1950s, the Italian Luce D’Eramo (1925- 2001) wrote a series of unusual short stories that were first published in journals by the likesof Alberto Moravia and later collected under the evocative if rather literal title of Racconti Quasi di Guerra [Almost Stories of War]..

Gabrielle Wittkop (1920-2002) has a cult readership for her novella, Necrophiliac, but Exemplary Departures (Wakefield Press), released October thisyear, shows an entirely different facet of her talent: five novellas or tales about deaths in unusual circumstances, including those of Edgar AllanPoe and Idilia Dubb. (Translator Annette David points out that Wittkop wasn’t drawn to the experimentalist technique of her contemporary nouveauromanciers, but looked back to an earlier legacy of French literature of decadence for inspiration. There’s also more than a passing resemblance toAngela Carter.) The most harrowing of these fictions is ‘Baltimore Nights’, in which an alcoholic writer dies in the gutters of the eponymous city,while the most extravagant are ‘Mr T’s Last Secrets’, which follows its spy-hero around various South East Asian locales, and ‘Claude and Hippolyte’,which details the sexual and other predations of its androgynous twin protagonists with Wittkop’s characteristic and unusual flair.. Allegra guez.

Works read: Space Raptor Butt Invasion by Chuck Tingle, Robot Dreams by Issac Asimov, Moom by Nnedi Okparanta, Memories of the Future by SigizmundKhrizhanovsky, The Cosmonaut by Angel Arango..

Allegra guez He has edited an anthology of writing fromPakistan, called Kahani (2005).. allegra d allegra d allegra d.

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In the firstof these she published, ‘Idilli’, we hear the alternating accounts of a young couple living a precarious life as casual labourers on the outskirts ofa war-torn city, in a style shorn of every embellishment but nonetheless poetic in its sparseness. Another,  ‘Straniera’, is the first-personnarrative of a migrant worker in Nazi Germany. We see her strategies of survival: forging medical letters, exchanging contraband cigarettes for bread,and stealing books from burning libraries, until she (nearly) gets caught for defaming the Reich. In the now iconic ‘Il 25 luglio’, the young narratordiscovers that Mussolini has been arrested and fascism has fallen..

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Editor: Mirza Puric Voice Actors: Piyali Syam, Alessio Frank, and Rron Karahoda.. Allegra guez.

Having managed to sidestep Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels all year, I did, however, enjoy two Italian writers greatly..

Allegra guez These, and other stories from her entire career, have now been collected in Tutti I racconti (2014); I’m working my way through the later ones now,and am surprised that d’Eramo, who is probably best known for her novel Deviazione, a devastating account of the narrator’s adolescent infatuation—andsubsequent disillusion—with Nazism, hasn’t yet been translated into English, and I hope that someone will soon translate at least one story from thiscollection for Asymptote.. allegra e allegra d.

Aamer Hussein is a contributing editor at Asymptote. He was born in Karachi in 1955 and has lived in London since the 1970s. A graduate of SOAS, hehas been publishing fiction and criticism since the mid-1980s. His several works of fiction include the collections This OtherSalt (1999), Insomnia (2007), and two novels, Another Gulmohar Tree (2009) and The Cloud Messenger (2011)..

Music: Spare by Ono, Gotta Run by Wahyas, Let it Me by Drag Sounds, I Was Born on the Wrong Day by Cate Le Bon, Mary Bumble Bee by Purling Hiss Here,Masked Laughter by Dalek, Devil Do by Holly Go Lightly.. Allegra guez.

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