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The cumulative incidence ofacute and chronic GVHD was similar, 48 vs 50% and 71 vs 68%, respectively (P>0.7).. Aciclovir germed 800.

From 2000 to 2003, MTX was administered on days +1, +3 and +6(10 mg/m2), and folinic acid rescue was administered 24 h after MTX. Since 2004, MTX was substituted for MMF in an effort ofreducing MTX toxicity. MMF was started on day 0 (at least 10 h after the infusion of progenitors) at a dose of 1 g three times daily(15 mg/kg/8 h)..

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Nevertheless, although we included earlier autologous HSCT, number of earlier chemotherapy lines before allo-RIC and advanced disease status in themultivariate modeling, we cannot rule out completely the possibility that these factors could contribute to the higher NRM in the CsA/MTXgroup, especially earlier autologous HSCT that was more frequent in the CsA/MTX group and which was related in multivariate analysis withhigher late NRM..

Correspondence: Dr JL Piñana, Division of Clinical Hematology, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Avd Mas Casanovas 90, Barcelona 08041,Spain. E-mail: Aciclovir germed 800 user .

26 apr 2011 . ACICLOVIR G.P. 25cpr 400mg. GERMED PHARMA AIC:034070021 9.01€ dal:21 /04/2011 classe:A ACICLOVIR GERMED 35cpr 800mg

cGVHD was observed in 78 (76%) of 102 evaluable patients. Extensive cGVHD occurred in 42 (61%) of 78 patients (26 (41%) of 64evaluable patients in the CsA/MTX group and 16 (42%) of 38 evaluable patients in the CsA/MMF group)..

Mucositis grade 1 was observed in 44 (30%) of 145 cases (27 (29%) of 93 in the CsA/MTX cohort and 17 (33%) of 52 inCsA/MMF cohort), grade 2 in 31 (21%) of 145 cases (24 (26%) of 93 in CsA/MTX and 7 (13%) of 52 inCsA/MMF), grade 3 in 26 (18%) of 145 cases (21 (23%) of 93 in CsA/MTX arm vs 5 (10%) of 52 in CsA/MMF)and grade 4 in 8 cases all belonging to the CsA/MTX group. Thus, grade 2–4 mucositis was higher in the CsA/MTX group, 57 vs23% (P=0.001).. Aciclovir germed 800.

O aciclovir é apenas parcialmente absorvido no intestino. As médias das concentrações plasmáticas máximas atingidas em estado estável deequilíbrio (Cmáx), após doses de 200 mg, administradas a cada quatro horas, foram de 3,1 μM (0,7 μg/mL) e os níveis plasmáticos mínimosequivalentes (Cmín) foram de 1,8 μM (0,4 μg/mL)..

Aciclovir germed 800 GVHD prophylaxis consisted of CsA (0.5 mg/kg/twice daily) from day −7 in all patients. The dose was adjusted to bloodlevels (between 200 and 300 μg/ml).. aciclovir 200 mg prezzo.

The median follow-up for survivors was 41 months(4–105 months)..

There were 93 patients who received CsA and MTX as GVHD prophylaxis (CsA/MTX group) and 52 patients received CsAand MMF (CsA/MMF group)..aciclovir germed 800.

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As a relevant finding, patients in the CsA/MTX group died more often of non-aGVHD etiology in the early period (9/93, 10%)compared with those receiving CsA/MMF (1/52, 2%).. Aciclovir germed 800.

Em pacientes com insuficiência renal crônica, verificou-se que a meia-vida final foi de 19,5 horas. A meia-vida média do aciclovir durante ahemodiálise foi de 5,7 horas. Os níveis plasmáticos de aciclovir caíram aproximadamente 60% durante a diálise..

Aciclovir germed 800 Em adultos, as médias das concentrações plasmáticas máximas atingidas (Cmáx) após infusão por uma hora de 2,5 mg/kg; 5 mg/kg; 10 mg/kg ou 15mg/kg foram 22,7 μM (5,1 μg/mL); 43,6 μM (9,8μg/mL); 92 μM (20,7 μg/mL) e 105 μM (23,6 μg/mL), respectivamente. Os níveismínimos equivalentes (Cmín), sete horas mais tarde, foram de 2,2 μM (0,5 μg/mL); 3,1 μM (0,7μg/mL); 10,2 μM (2,3 μg/mL) e 8,8μM (2,0μg/mL), respectivamente.. accion farmacologica aciclovir.

aciclovir germed 800.Although we restricted our analysis to patients with HLA-identical sibling donors and peripheral blood as stem cellsource, there were still significant differences between the two GVHD prophylaxis cohorts reflecting the retrospective character of the study.Patients in the CsA/MTX group had more often received an earlier autologous transplant (67 vs 50%, P=0.01), had received morethan two earlier lines of chemotherapy before transplantation (44 vs 27%, P=0.05) and had a trend for a higher rate of advanceddisease (41 vs 22%, P=0.06)..

Other variables, such as BU dose, melphalan dose, earlierautologous transplant, advanced disease status or number of earlier lines, did not show any impact in the development of grade 2–4 mucositis(data not shown)..

We first compared the patient characteristics and outcomes in each transplant center and we did not founddifferences (data not shown).. Aciclovir germed 800.

The homogeneous dosage of MMF used in all of our CsA/MMF patients makes comparison between these two combinations more reliable in terms ofincidence of GVHD. We selected higher doses of MMF in view of several publications that showed that MMF had lower mycophenolic acid concentrationlevels when combined with CsA.11, 27 Recent findings from animal model studies have also supported the suggestion that mycophenolic acid levels werelower in allo-HSCT than in solid-organ transplantation.28 Furthermore, pharmacokinetic assays of mycophenolic acid have shown a higher therapeuticarea under the curve at a dosage of 3 g daily in unrelated donor allo-RIC.29, 30.. aciclovir germed 800 user

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Fuente: Monografíapropiedad editorial de Vidal Vademecum..

acerpes aciclovir crema posologia As reported by Kiehl et al.21 and Bolwell et al,10 we found a lower rate of severe mucositis in patients who received CsA/MMF GVHDprophylaxis. Especially, relevant is the absence of grade 4 oral mucositis in this group. However, we did not find any statistically significantdifferences in hematopoietic recovery. Neumann et al.5 and Bolwell et al.10 found a faster neutrophil recovery with CsA/MMF than withCsA/MTX in myeloablative allo-HSCT. The difference between these findings and ours could be partly explained by the different dosage of MMFused: these authors used 2 g/day MMF in many patients, whereas we used 3 g/day in all our patients. As MMF may havehematopoietic toxicity,22, 23 it is conceivable that a higher dose may account for delayed hematopoietic recovery. Nonetheless, we believe that themost likely explanations include the high-dose myeloablative conditioning regimens used in these studies, as well as the predominance of BM as thestem cell source, as opposed to the allo-RIC regimens and PBSC used in our patients, as these variables lead to faster hematopoietic recovery.24, 25,26 Thus, it may be very difficult in the allo-RIC PBSCT setting to find differences in hematopoietic recovery.. aciclovir germed 800 user .

Representative curve of the impact of GVHD prophylaxis regimen on NRM is shownin Figure 1..

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Os níveis de Cmáx correspondentes após doses de 400 mg e 800 mg, administradas a cadaquatro horas, foram de 5,3 μM (1,2 μg/mL) e 8 μM (1,8 μg/mL) respectivamente, e os níveis equivalentes de Cmín foram de 2,7 μM (0,6μg/mL) e 4μM (0,9 μg/mL)..

accion farmacologica del aciclovir Variables associated with day +100 NRM were as follows: CsA/MTX-based GVHDprophylaxis (hazard ratio (HR) 3.1 (P=0.07)), advanced disease status (HR 5.1 (P=0.03)) and ECOG>1 (HR 3.5 (P=0.006)).. a cosa serve la pomata aciclovir, aciclovir 200 mg posologia, a cosa serve aciclovir crema.