Posted on May 29, 2016

a cosa serve il tegretol

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Qualcuno dice che non esistono più concetti e valori di destra o sinistra. Va bene, allora spiegatemi e spiegateci in base a quali valori  possiamoresistere o esistere in una condizione così umiliante e vergognosa.  A cosa serve il tegretol.

Jose Padron: There was only one plan: to escape and flee from there. I went to Spain and spent nine hard months that I still try to forget. I hadneither money nor prospects. On the 4th of December in 1961, I came to New-York. The room I lived in was so small, that a bed hardly fit. My first jobI found in America was in a food company that served airlines and delivered food on board planes. I liked this job; I always had access to food youknow! :) Soon after that, I moved to Miami and joined the US government program on Cuban refugees support. I, a thirty seven year old man, got subsidyfrom the US government in the amount of sixty dollars per month.

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